Japanese Food in  Oakdale Minnesota

The traditional cuisine of Japan, washoku (和食), lit. "Japanese eating" (or kappō (ja:割烹)), is based on rice with miso soup and other dishes; there is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Side dishes often consist of fish, pickled vegetables, and vegetables cooked in broth. Seafood is common, often grilled, but also served raw as sashimi or in sushi. Seafood and vegetables are also deep-fried in a light batter, as tempura. Apart from rice, staples include noodles, such as soba and udon. Japan also has many simmered dishes such as fish products in broth called oden, or beef in sukiyaki and nikujaga. [1]. See an example below of Japanese sushi and food items that we have created especially at Bambu Restaurant.

Poke Bowl

Tuna Bowl or Salmon Bowl
Your choice of Tuna or Salmon, avocados, cucumbers, radish, carrots, edamame, scallions, ginger, dried red pepper akes, sesame seeds and chef's special sauce, served on top of your choice of sushi rice or house salad.

Bento Boxes  

All bento boxes are served with a cup of miso soup, a house salad, chicken pot stickers, shrimp tempura, and chef ’s choice of one sushi roll



Fresh cut pieces of sushi grade fish on top of sushi rice (2 pieces/order)
Salmon (Sake) 5
Yellow Tail (Hamachi) 6
Big Eye Tuna (Muguro) 6
Super White Tuna (Escolar) 5
Scallop (Hotatagai) 6
Albacore Tataki Garlic 6
Bonito Katsuo Tataki 6
Freshwater Eel (Unagi) 6
Saltwater Eel (Anago) 6.50
Tilapia (Izamudai) 4.50
Horse Mackrel (Aji) 5
Mackerel (Saba) 5
Octopus (Tako) 6
Squid (Ika )5
Tofu (Inari) 4.50
Clams (Tsubugai or Hokkigai) 6
Quail Egg (Uzura) 3.00
Cooked Shrimp (Ebi) 4.50
Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi) 7
Egg Custard (Tamago) 4.50
Crab Sticks (Kanikama) 4.50
Monk sh liver (Ankimo) 6.00
Smelt Roe (Masago) 4.50
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko): Black, Red, or Wasabi 4.50
Salmon Toro 6
Hamarchi Toro 7
Bluen Tuna (Hon Maguro) Market price
Bluen Toro Market price
Sea Urchin Market price


Fresh cut sushi grade fish (3 pieces/order)
Salmon (Sake) 9
Yellow Tail (Hamachi) 10
Big Eye Tuna (Maguro) 9
Big Eye Tuna (Maguro) 9
Scallop (Hotatagai) 10
Albacore Tataki Garlic 10
Bonito Katsuo Tataki 10
Freshwater Eel (Unagi) 10
Saltwater Eel (Anago) 11
Tilapia (Izamudai) 7
Mackerel (Saba) 9
Octopus (Tako) 10
Squid (Ika) 9
Tofu (Inari) 7
Clams (Tsubugai or Hokkigai) 7
Cooked Shrimp (Ebi) 7
Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi) 11
Egg Custard (Tamago) 7
Crab Sticks (Kanikama) 7
Monk sh liver (Ankimo) 10
Smelt Roe (Masago) 7
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko): Black, Red, or Wasabi 8
Salmon Toro 10
Hamarchi Toro 11
Bluen Tuna (Hon Maguro) Market price
Bluen Toro Market price
Sea Urchin Market price
Horse Mackrel (Aji) Market price
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