A Taste of Thailand

All entrees are served with steamed Jas­mine white rice except noo­dle or fried rice dishes.

Sub­sti­tute for brown rice .75 | Sub­sti­tute for fried rice 1.99
Sub­sti­tute for gluten free fried rice $2.99

Add Chicken, Pork, Organic Tofu, Mock Duck, or Squid 1.99
Grass Fed Beef or Shrimp 3.99 | Scal­lop 4.99 |Meat Combo 4.99
Seafood Combo 6.99

All dishes can be pre­pared to your desired spici­ness: mild, medium, or hot (scale 110)
Please note: there is a $1 more when you order gluten free due to higher costs

Thai Basil Stir FryBambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
Stir fried fresh zuc­chini, cel­ery, car­rots, onions & basil leaves 7.99

Thai Basil Noo­dles or Rice Bambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
Stir fried rice or noo­dles with fresh basil leaves, green & red bell pep­per 7.99

Mas­saman Stir Fry Bambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
Stir fried yel­low onions and avo­ca­dos with mas­saman curry sauce &
kaf­fir lime leaf topped with cashew nuts.

Half Por­tion 7.99 Full Por­tion 9.99

Yel­low Curry Bambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
Potato, green bell pep­pers, bam­boo shoots, car­rots, and yel­low onions
all sim­mer­ring in a Thai yel­low curry sauce & a kaf­fir lime leaf.

Half Por­tion 6.99 Full Por­tion 8.99

Green Curry Bambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
Stir fried aspara­gus, peapods, bam­boo, and yel­low onions.
Half por­tion 6.99 Full Por­tion 8.99

Coconut Curry Bambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
Stir fried geen bell pep­pers, onions, car­rots and bam­boo shoots in a
coconut based curry sauce & kaf­fir lime leaf

Half Por­tion 6.99 Full Por­tion 8.99

Penang Red
Peanut fla­vored red coconut curry sauce with red & green bell pep­pers & kaf­fir lime leaf
Half Por­tion 6.99 Full Por­tion 8.99

Mas­saman Seafood CurryBambu_GF_Icon.png
Jumbo scal­lop & shrimp sim­mer­ing in Mas­saman Curry with pineap­ple,
bell pep­per, aspara­gus & zuc­chini & kaf­fir lime leaf 13.99

Seafood Lin­guine Curry
Stir fried jumbo shrimp, scal­lop, & cala­mari with red & green bell pep­pers,
a kaf­fir lime leaf & wheat lin­guini in Thai Red Curry sauce 13.99

Spicy & Sweet Blast Curry - A Bambú Favorite! Bambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
A com­bi­na­tion of fresh zuc­chini, aspara­gus, mush­rooms, bell pep­pers, & basil leaves.
The sauce is a unique com­bi­na­tion of spicy & sweet fla­vors 10.99

Pad Thai — A Bambú Favorite! Bambu_GF_Icon.pngetwste_vegetarian.png
Thai thin-​wide rice noo­dles pan seared with eggs, car­rots, bean sprouts,
onions, and basil leaves in a Bambu Thai sauce 8.99

Bambu_GF_Icon.pngIndi­cates a dish is gluten-​free

etwste_vegetarian.png Indi­cates a dish is vegan and vegetarian

Indi­cates a dish is spicy